Wunderschönes Wetter zum Radfahren (wenn man sich richtig angezogen hat ;)

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Hello Free Software Friends,
#fsfe wishes all #FreeSoftware users, developers, contributors, translators and all the people involved with Free Software a happy "I love Free Software Day"! Let's share our love for Free Software #iloveFS

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My thinking on the Assange pardon is very simple: setting aside all else, Trump will either be remembered as the first President since JFK who from his first to last day in office was hated by the NSA, CIA, and FBI, or as the one who caved to pressure at the very last moment.

Arch-Linux installiert... 💪

... und nur mehrere Stunden gebraucht, das Internet per Kabel und DHCP zum Laufen zu bringen... ✌


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