Dear folks! If You know about any person, who uses or is thinking about trying it despite all existing difficulties with , I set up a room now to exchange ideas and help each other around. You can find it at

@balouqlc I guess the accessibility problems don't necessarily stop at only blind people. I get annoyed when the #Riot dev team gets all on the defensive when confronted with blatant design failures in their all-new shiny new reskin.

I am not blind nor vision impaired.

@balouqlc I accidentally launched Riot for Android with TalkBack on while doing development and it's not nice at all. To scroll through each message you have to scroll unhelpful "profile picture" and invisible element (which is focused message element if I understand correctly)

@charlag @balouqlc I wonder if this is (going to be) better in the new app that being developed, RiotX
there's some very limited dev builds floating around, the room is iirc

@charlag Well, I got no idea about talkback because I am using riot for IOS. Scralling through messages or rooms is not a problem at all. But there are many things, that are stil not working with screenreaders, starting with the first registration via the app or enviting folks to a specific room...

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